Consignment Policies

Joy’s Consigned Furnishings attracts high-end, like new furniture and accessories that are clean and ready for the showroom floor. We ask that you make sure your pieces are in excellent to pristine condition, cleaned, vacuumed, polished and dusted.

Our goal is to sell your items for the greatest value, so we look for furniture that is currently in demand.

Furniture must also be free of pet hair, stains, and odors. Have no rips, tears, or damage to the finish and have no broken parts or missing pieces.

We Do Not Accept:
Mattresses (no exceptions)
Bedding (no exceptions)
Baby Cribs
Pier Units
Brass Furniture or Accessories
Dishes or China
Posters (framed or unframed)
Collectibles (figurines, ornaments, etc)
Low-End Accessories

In general, we do not accept sofa’s older than eight years. We reserve the right to refuse a consignment for any reason.

Pre-Approve Your Items

Before you bring your furniture or accessories to the store for consignment, please contact a member of our sales team. We prefer to review images of your items before you go through the time and expense of bringing them to the store.

To email photos of your items, simply send them to  Please provide a detailed message and we will respond to your email as soon as possible and appreciate your patience.


The rule of thumb for pricing consignments is up to 50% of the original retail — no higher. Joy’s may price items lower than half of retail, based on realistic pricing for the current market, the condition of the piece, and our experience in what sells.

Our Contract

Our contract lasts 90 days.  A 20% markdown is taken every 30 days an item remains unsold. Joy’s Consigned Furnishings splits the contracted prices 50/50 with the consignor when the pieces are ultimately sold.

The consignor has the option to donate or to pick up items when the contract expires. Consignors are asked to pickup their items by the 90th day. We automatically donate by day 93. Due to the high number of consignors, we are unable to call when your items reach the end of their contract. Please keep track of your items!  Joy’s is not liable for items not picked up within the three day time period, and we will donate the item to a charity of our choice.

Checks are mailed on the 15th of the month following the month of the sale. We do not trade or issue store credit.

Thank you for considering Joy’s! We look forward to hearing from you!